Our Mission Statement

New Eve Maternity Home provides a haven for pregnant women and their children who are facing homelessness. New Eve offers them the opportunity to grow in self-respect and independence while celebrating the life within them and the dignity of their motherhood. We welcome women who find themselves alone and in need of physical, spiritual, emotional and material support. At New Eve, mothers can celebrate the gift of life free from fear.

New Eve Maternity Home is a 501(C)(3) non-profit charitable organization. All donations are tax deductible.

The New Eve Maternity Home is located in Winchester, Virginia.

Our home provides women the opportunity to prepare for motherhood, secure employment, continue their education, and learn life skills necessary for independent living.

Life Skills

Life skills will be taught individually and in group settings to residents so they can effectively care for themselves and their babies. Skills include but are not limited to cooking, cleaning, computer basics, parenting, money management, budgeting, meal planning, time management, etc. These skills are taught both in-house and by partnering/community agencies.


The New Eve home is on the bus line and our residents are encouraged to use it. Vetted volunteers may be available to provide transportation on an as-needed basis. Regularly scheduled shopping trips with babysitters are part of the New Eve program.

Continuing Education

Every woman who comes to New Eve Maternity Home is evaluated to determine her needs, literacy level, and abilities. We help women complete their GED, take college classes, or learn a trade/skill.

Job Assistance

New Eve staff, volunteers, and partnering agencies help our women develop job skills such as resume writing, effective job search, interview skills, appropriate work appearance, etc. It is a goal of New Eve for these women to obtain a career versus merely have a job; this will aid them in becoming self-sufficient.

Pray for New Eve Maternity Home’s efforts to help mothers in crisis pregnancies. We need prayer warriors to help us accomplish our goals.

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