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“Much uncertainty enveloped my mind when I first came to New Eve in July 2023. Would the other mothers like me? Would I fit in? What if I wasn’t a good mother? Quickly, I learned that while we are all at different points of our lives, we shared one important quality: our love for our children. New Eve gives me the safety to raise my son in a healthy and encouraging environment, which has helped me to continue becoming the best mother that I can be. I am beyond thankful for the staff and volunteers because they all made moving into a new house feel like home.” — From our current resident mother Kaitlynne

President’s Corner

Greetings from New Eve Maternity Home — the only maternity home in the Northern Shenandoah Valley of VA.

Welcome to our St. Patrick’s Day day edition!

I’d like to begin by sharing a message from our Director Christina Müller:

Currently, New Eve Maternity Home is providing for five mothers and eight children and our two homes are designed to support the whole person as each woman is supported in a number of ways.

Our resident mothers are provided with a home for herself and her child and additional children.  With rent, utilities and the day to day necessities out of the way, she is encouraged to focus on long term plans for independence, job security and eventually financial independence.  Having a goal in mind, she can spend the extent of her stay at New Eve creating a future for herself and her children.

New Eve provides mentorship, spiritual formation, career planning, childcare and a host of other programs that encourage each resident in achieving their goals.  The success of New Eve built upon the caring relationships between our volunteers and the residents and the loving encouragement provided which helps to reorientate each of these women to valuing their own worth and thus creating a better life for themselves and their children.

New Eve is dependent upon a multiple of volunteers from the community that seek to support vulnerable women who choose to carry their baby to term.  Through the loving witness of these volunteers, the women of New Eve have been successful at utilizing the program and going on to become successful single mothers.

Thank you for all you do to support New Eve maternity Home!

Thank you Christina!

It’s another busy year for New Eve.  Our mothers are all employed, and one is pursuing an Associate Degree in early childhood development at Laurel Ridge Community College.  Their children are thriving in our two beautiful homes and yards.

Although no mothers are due at the moment, New Eve has welcomed 45 babies into our care.

In 2023 we received 113 inquiries and requests for shelter.  In 2024 we have already received 14 requests and will fill our one vacancy quickly.  Our inquiries are efficiently managed by volunteers Frances Moyer and Sharon Watkins.  God bless them.

So, you can see that New Eve needs to expand our capacity and grow.  And relying entirely on private gifts and grants, you know that our growth requires your prayers and your gifts – prayer always first.

One of our goals this year is to return to our successful fundraising events.  Would you be able to help on a committee to organize that and have fun in the process?  Please let me know.

A very successful fundraising effort is our car donation program.  To date 26 vehicles have been donated resulting in $17,360 for New Eve – an average of $667 per vehicle.  Learn more by reading the article below or by clicking HERE.

We have also had one vehicle donated directly to us to be given to one of our mothers in need.  And right now we have another mother who needs a vehicle to keep her job.  So, if you have a vehicle in good safe working order, please contact us.

I have mentioned before our wonderful weekly Tuesday evening programs presented to our mothers by volunteers from inside and outside New Eve.  They have been a vital part of the New Eve mission.  This summer will feature two six week progams: Managing Your Money presented by the Virginia Cooperative Extension Service (my mother was once a Virginia Coop agent) and Women Role Models in Scripture presented by Shannon Whitmore.  Upcoming programs include substance abuse, smoking cessation, car care, forgiveness, fire safety, and child development.

New Eve volunter Phyllis Miller

For years the loving and tireless woman behind these programs has been volunteer Phyllis Miller.  Phyllis is handing over the program to new volunteer Victoria Fitzgerald.  Thank you Phyllis.  You have changed the lives of so many of our mothers and children.  And thank you Victoria for stepping up to replace the irreplaceable Phyllis.

Our volunteers are amazing.  And not just the women!  A special thank you to recent volunteers Ted Spinelli, John Messier, and Jim Gironda for various projects at our homes.

And New Eve was recently in the news again. Although our tax exemption request was denied, the Winchester City Council Finance Committee praised and encouraged the work of New Eve, and I thanked them for that.

*** Newsflash:  A generous New Eve benefactor read the news article mentioned above and donated $6,500 to cover the annual real estate tax fee!   May God bless them abundantly! ***

Thank you for your prayers and financial assistance!

Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

God bless you,


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